Natural architecture

Expozice České a Slovenské republiky na 12. bienále architektury v Benátkách

Natural architecture
Spoluautorky:Irena Fialová, Jana Tichá
Address: Giardini di Castello, Venice, Italy
Completion:29.8. - 21.11.2010

The Manifesto

1/ Diversity Diversity of a system implies the maintenance of welcome similarities and differences among individualities. The opposite of diversity is monoculture.

2/ Entropy Entropy describes the level of organization and chaos in a system. As soon as chaos entirely vanishes, we cease to understand a thing as natural and it appears foreign to us.

3/ Interfaces The greatest wonders of nature occur at its interface points – between a forest and meadow, or meadow and pond. Similar conditions should also occur in our houses and cities.

4/ Symbiosis We have to achieve that our buildings and natural systems become symbiotic, that they mutually positively influence each other. It is really about both participants starting to help each other, work together, adapt.

5/ Intelligent skin All living organisms have a multi-layered envelope that continually changes and reacts to the changes in their environments. If our buildings are to be natural, we have to create for them a similar envelope that reacts to changes inside and out.

6/ Adaptability A plan that does not take into account imperfection and change is a bad plan. We need to make things adaptable, to build buildings so that they can be easily adapted.

7/ Freedom Without the freedom to build, good architecture can never arise. Limitation of freedom always leads to damage to the system. Strict planning systems strangle our buildings and cities.

8/ Materials Natural materials – wood, stone, glass, water, earth, clay - are closer to us than materials that have been more processed. They age naturally, like a person.

9/ Economy and ecology Every plant, every organism solves everything with the greatest thrift, the greatest restraint. An expensive environmentally-friendly house is a contradiction.

10/ Energy streams All living organisms orient themselves towards the stream of energy that comes to us from the sun. We are impoverished as soon as we cease to seek for and draw upon its energy.

11/ Emergence, existence, disappearance
A natural building is a non-violent structure, requiring no maintenance, which its human user instructs with a few unassuming directions in how to serve him or her.

12/ Building
Natural architecture must be tied to good building craftsmanship. If the art of building is not in order, the architecture disapears.
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