Family size detached house Troubsko 01

Family size detached house Troubsko 01
Address: Ostopovická 738/20, Troubsko, Czech Republic
Area:292 m2
Built Up Area:198 m2
Site Area:1014 m2

Contractor: BELETA (fasáda)
Collaboration: Jiří Janoušek a Tomáš Zelinka / KAJAK (civil engineering); Pavel Hladík a Ivo Lukačovič / Hladík a Chalivopulos (structure engineering); Jitka Špondrová (fire protection); Martin Řezníček a Kateřina Kalodová / Trasko (plumbing, heating); Pavel Dočekal / KOMP (electrical engineering – LV); Milan Zezula (transportation); Milan Vyskočil / Ateh (light design); Vladimír Šoukal (estimate of cost); Mirka Svorová a Jakub Finger / PARTERO (landscape design)
House as a funnel opening towards the sun.
The municipality of Troubsko, population 2,000, is located 8 km to the West from Brno. The new family size detached house is situated on a flat site next to the main road. To respond to the shape and the situation of the site, the house has a trapesial form which is apparent both in the ground plan and cross-section. The shed roof and the trapesial ground plan create an impression of double decline; the roof rises from the northeast towards the southwest and the interior space is growing just as well — from a single floor to two floors. A storm porch in the north and a roofed terrace in the south cut through the compact volume covered with facing masonry.
The first floor is designed as a social space. The kitchen and the facility rooms are facing the street and the main entrance as well as the garage; the space then continues to the living and dining rooms with a roofed salla terrena in-between. The salla has a direct entry to the garden. On the ground floor, there is a separate workroom. The second floor is designed as a quiet zone with bedrooms. The cellar is built under one part of the house.
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