Family House Polánka

Family House Polánka
Architect: CL3 | Radek Pasterný
Address: Nová 1611, Polánka, Moravský Krumlov, Czech Republic
Investor:Mgr. Lenka Pasterná
Area:257 m2
Built Up Area:175 m2
Site Area:1783 m2
Built Up Space:940 m3
Price:5 000 000 CZK

Zahrada: Ing. Stanislav Schwarz
Statika: Ing. Petr Ducháč
Osvětlení: ATEH lighting
For the construction, we chose a strict, respectful archetype shape of the house that was already there before our intervention. However, the expression of the house takes on radical and strict shapes in our design.
The choice of materials and colors is provocatively solved in a contrasting design. On the facade there is black plaster, on the roof there is black corrugated roofing.

Recesses from the main volume are solved in wooden paneling precisely because they are located on the border of the exterior and interior. The color black was not chosen randomly. The symbolism of the "hole" is hidden in it. The new building fills the hole left by the original house, which has not been inhabited for several years. While the house looks closed to the street, it opens up fully to the garden through a large glass area.

The color and material of the interior is based on the material texture and the exposure of the basic structure of the building. The entire space is dominated by cement screed floors, exposed concrete on the ceiling and white painting on the walls. The work with built-in furniture also follows this colour, where the white color is again predominant, complemented by distinctive solid oak elements.

In terms of layout, the building again responds to the traditional principles of local development. Operationally, it is divided into two basic units – a drive-through garage with an attic and a part intended for living.

The house is based on concrete foundations and a slab, walled with sand-lime bricks, the ceiling structure is made of reinforced concrete. The roof is solved using wooden "I" trusses. The outer shell and roof of the house are sufficiently insulated so that, together with the technical solution of the health and technical installations, they energetically meet the requirements for a passive house. The house is heated using a heat pump of the earth-water system, which can not only heat in winter, but passively cools the house in summer. Furthermore, controlled air recuperation works in the building.
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