Nail studio Anna Roko

Nail studio Anna Roko
Address: Anglická 530/8, Vinohrady, Prague, Czech Republic
Completion:červen 2019
Area:40 m2

We were approached by the owner of the beauty salon Anna Roko Nails with a task to create an interior design for a new branch of her fast-growing brand. The client's main requirement was that the salon should spatially reflect the philosophy and style of the brand and should have a positive effect on both clients and staff.

The building is located in the centre of Prague and feature beautiful historic ceilings; however the space and light are significantly limited by the narrow long floor plan with a single window on the entrance (shorter) side of the room.

Our main goal was to visually lighten up the interior, we wanted the result space to be airy, illuminated, minimalist, but in the same time pleasant and natural. The marble reception became the main distinctive attribute of the salon. Behind the reception desk we designed a geometrically structured marble feature wall with brass profile details. The marble worktops of the manicure tables were framed by the same brass profiles to have the same design language, however in combination with the wooden construction, they bring a more natural and cosy atmosphere to the interior. Each table has a shelf with live plants on top and a round mirror that contributes to the soft and pleasant look. The minimalist purity and airiness of the design is supported by semi-transparent curtains with hidden lighting, which separate the individual functions of the salon, and create a sense of a larger space.

The historic arches were illuminated by hidden linear lights, emphasizing their ornamentation. From the beams between the arches, we irregularly hung large mirrored bulbs, which are reflecting the space while levitating above.

Big part of the interior is the greenery, which not only has a relaxing effect on the psyche of visitors and staff but contributes to the air quality and complements the natural atmosphere of the salon.
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