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archiweb.cz is a web-site leading to the world of modern architecture. Every day it brings information about all important things happening in the field of Czech and world architecture. The web-site is not limited and therefore there is enough space for complex information about architectural activities even outside the traditional centres. It offers architects and builders an opportunity to present their work and products.
archiweb.cz is accessible any time, everywhere and it is free of charge to all internet readers. Thanks to its English version it is a starting point for meeting contemporary Czech architecture for foreign visitors and in this aspect it goes beyond local scale.
archiweb.cz is a place for meeting and confrontation. In a form of immense encyclopedia it offers its visitors the possibility of direct comparison of contemporary Czech and world architecture. In the same time it is a place for commentaries and discussion. That is why it became so popular and irreplaceable source of information and inspiration for architects, builders and students. It is also being discovered by lay readers for whom it is a starting and very often a decisive source of information during their investment plans.

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