Patkau Architects

*1978 - Vancouver, Kanada
1564 West 6th Ave, V6J 1R2 Vancouver
+1 604 683 7633
+1 604 683 7634

Hlavní obrázek
Vancouver-based Patkau Architects was founded in 1978 by John and Patricia Patkau. A series of projects helped to establish the firm's design reputation in the early 1980s, followed by success in a number of international design competitions in the 1990s. The work in the office has expanded to include a wide variety of project types including libraries, community centres, galleries and houses, as well as furniture and glassware design. They have been involved in urban planning, the future of educational technologies, and research into sustainable practice. Left to right: Michael Cunningham, Kayna Merchant, Craig Simms, Hector Lo, Samantha Hayes, Patricia Patkau, John Patkau.