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18.02.2013 17:45
Marek Nedělka (2.roč) - Sustainable living centre

ateliér: M. Arch. Ing. arch. John O'Reilly / Mgr.A. Zdeňka Němcová-Zedníčková Ph.D.
The 'Sustainable Living Centre' will act as a central hub for the various independent groups involved in promoting sustainability within Ireland.
The programe includes a project studio, meeting spaces, multi-purpose space, guest accommodation, dining facilities and a range of external spaces for recreation and food-growing purposes with associated buildings.
The Centre will act as a model of Sustainability in execution and in practice.
It will serve individuals and groups involved in sustainability projects, the local community and visiting groups, including school groups.
The site of the project is an old Workhouse complex on the edge of Ballyvaughan Village. Now partly in ruins, this complex was built in the 1850's to take care of the poor and sick suffering in the aftermath of the Great Famine of 1845-8.
The project programe and the walled nature of the site reflect a central challenge in our common global situation - the need to build sustainable communities in a world of precious and limited resources.

There are two ruins which exists on the site of the SLC. I'm reusing and reconstructing them. My main intervention are two new spaces.
Multi-purpose space and guest rooms. All activities are put in the generous multi-purpose space with glass walls.
It seem like the slate roof is floating and you can always feel in touch with the countryside and a whole area of SLC.
To be in close touch with the land is an important topic for a sustainability.
You can naturally feel it during a dinner, a lecture or reading a book.
Setting of those two new objects on its places create space with diverse character.
Wild courtyard and a beautiful open view a few steps away.
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