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180: Lina Bo Bardi 1914-1992

Nakladatelství: Arquitectura Viva
Rok vydání: 2015
ISSN: 9788460817154
Formát: 24 x 30 cm, 128 stran, brožovaná
Jazyk: anglicky, španělsky
Běžná cena: 900 Kč
Naše cena: 800 Kč (bez 10 % DPH: 727,28 Kč)
  33,2 € (bez 10 % DPH: 29,88 €)
Skladem: 0 ks (standardní doba expedice do 21 dnů)

The centenary of Lina Bo Bardi, born in Rome in 1914, has rekindled the fervour for her life and oeuvre. For many years, her role in 20th century architecture remained undervalued, but recent recognition of her strong multicultural character and new interest in Brazil as an emerging geopolitical powerhouse have combined to once more bring her work into the spotlight. Educated in Italy, she moved to Brazil after World War II following a yearn to humanise architecture, building for peoples’ everyday needs. This edition of the magazine closely examines her intense professional activity and lasting legacy through four critical essays and profiles of 20 exemplary projects.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: The Tired Goddess

Building the Everyday

Zeuler R. Lima: An Architect Committed to Life
Renato Anelli: From Design to Crafts
Olivia de Oliveira: The Symbolic Dimension
Guilherme Wisnik: An Anthropological Legacy

A Different Path

Glass House, 1951, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Affordable Housing, 1951
Museum on the Seashore, 1951, Sao Vicente (Brazil)
Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, 1957-1968, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Valéria P. Cirell House, 1957-1958, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Chame-Chame House, 1958-1964, Salvador (Brazil)
Solar do Unhao Refurbishment, 1959-1963, Salvador (Brazil)
Itamambuca Complex, 1965, Ubatuba (Brazil)
Cooperative Community Camurupim, 1975, Propriá (Brazil)
Espírito Santo do Cerrado Church, 1976-1982, Uberlândia (Brazil)
 Santa Maria dos Anjos Church, 1977, Ibiúna (Brazil)
SESC Pompéia Factory, 1977-1986, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Anhangabaú Toboga Valley, 1981, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Teatro Oficina Renovation, 1984, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Politheama Theater Renovation, 1985, Jundiaí (Brazil)
The Historic Center of Salvador, 1986, Salvador (Brazil)
Barroquinha Project, 1986, Salvador (Brazil)
Benin House Cultural Center, 1987, Salvador (Brazil)
Ladeira da Misericórdia, 1987-1988, Salvador (Brazil)
New Home for the Sao Paulo City Hall, 1990-1992, Sao Paulo (Brazil)


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