572 18:05 Adolf Loos Residences

Nakladatelství: The Japan Architect
Rok vydání: 2018
ISSN: 4910019730583
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The first of a two-part series on Adolf Loos, “Residences” is the theme of this issue. Divided into four chronological chapters, it gives an understanding of the different techniques the architect used over the years in approaching each project’s site. From early urban residences and villas in natural surroundings, to the mature ‘Raumplan’ concept, Loos’s pursuit of economic efficiency and rationality is examined through his architectural spaces. Each project includes the relations and collaborators he worked with, as well as clear labelling on all drawings, in order to provide a basis for reference material. The issue is guest edited by Yoshio Sakurai, Tokyo University professor and an expert on Loos.

Introduction: Interpretation and Contemporaneity
Yoshio Sakurai
Adolf Loos Chronology
Loos’s Collaborators
Chapter 1: Early Urban Residences
Villa Steiner
Villa Stössl
Villa Horner
Scheu House
Villa for Direktors of Sugar Factory
Chapter 2: Residences in Natural Environment
Villa for the Construction Manager of Schwazwaldschule I 
Country House for Prinz Sapieha
Villa Paul Verdier
Villa Spanner
Khuner Country House
Chapter 3: Raumplan
Terrace Villa
Villa Konstandt
Samuel Bronner Palace
Rufer House
Country House for Medical Doctor H
Stross Manor House
Villa Alexander Moissi
Villa von Simon
Tristan Tzara House
Villa Erwin Rosenberg
Villa Plesch
Josephine Baker House
Villa Moller
Chapter 4: The Period of Maturity in Raumplan
Cubic House
Bojko House
House for One Family
Villa Fleischner
Villa Müller
Villa Winternitz
Mitzi Schnabl House
Jordan House
The Last House
Q&A about Loos
Project List
Essay Series, vol. 1: Shrine, Temple and its Architecture
Suguru Kanata, Miyadaiku