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and the Search for Modern Architecture

Galerie VI PER
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02.11.2021 21:45

Aldo Rossi

Giorgio De Chirico preceded Aldo Rossi by some 30 years, yet there are some remarkably similarities between them – and a comparable and striking differences. This paper explores the nature of the discussions on subjects from ordinary to the mundane, from learning about the historical basis of design to transforming them to their own. It outlines some of the shared reading compared by them, but the radical differences that the two held, even if held by the same people. Rossi repeatedly referred to De Chirico, and indeed, particularly in the early years he selected and chose them as references for his work.
The similarities end there, however; they each had very different views of the world, as becomes clear from Rossi’s subsequent work. The second part of the paper focuses on Aldo Rossi and his response to Giorgio De Chirico as well as to a much larger world about him.
Diane Ghirardo received her MA & Ph.D. in History and Humanities from Stanford University in 1983. She has taught and lectured widely in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. She has been visiting professor at the University of Sydney, Australia; the University of Cape Town, South Africa; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Rice University, Houston, Texas; Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, and currently is Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where she teaches and researches 20th century architecture, Renaissance architecture, women’s spaces, and 20th century Italian architecture. Ghirardo’s books include Building New Communities: New Deal America and Fascist Italy (1989); Out of Site: A Social Criticism of Architecture (1992); Mark Mack: A California Architect (1994); Architecture After Modernism (1996), translated into multiple languages and editions; Dopo il Sogno: Architettura e città nell’America di oggi (2008); Aldo Rossi: Drawings (with Germano Celant, 2008); Le duchesse, le buffale e l’imprenditoria femminile nella Ferrara Rinascimentale (2009); Italy: Modern Architectures in History (2013); La topografia della prostituzione nella Ferrara rinascimentale (2013); the monograph La vita quotidiana di Lucrezia Borgia a Belriguardo (2019). Her most recent books are Aldo Rossi and the Spirit of Architecture (2019); Il Tesoro di Lucrezia Borgia (2019) and Le Lettere di Lucrezia Borgia (2020). She also translated Aldo Rossi’s Architecture of the City (1982) and numerous articles by him into English. Former President of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA, 1993–96), member of the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB, 2003–06), and executive editor of the Journal of Architectural Education (1988–99), she is also an ACSA Distinguished Professor (1998), National Endowment for the Humanities Senior Fellow (2001), Fulbright Scholar (1976, 2001), a Guggenheim Fellow (2002), and is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome (1988).

Response by Jiří Tourek

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