El Croquis 202: Bernardo Bader

2009 2019

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eshop.release_year: 2020
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A decade of work by Bernardo Bader is covered in this instalment. In that time, the Austrian architect has steadily built a reputation for his modern take on regional styles. Both the exteriors and interiors of his designs are often clad in wood, with structures framed by clean lines and set in alpine terrains, radiating warmth and comfort. Bader’s outspoken perspective on critical regionalism in architecture has drawn international praise, and he prefers to use locally sourced timber in his work. Presented here are more than fifteen projects, many of them houses, but also kindergartens, an alpine sports centre, an Islamic cemetery, a railway station, a chapel, a hotel, and more.

Dorf Kindergarten
House in the Field, Sulz
Islamic Cemetery, Altach
Susi Wiegel Kindergarten
House on Schopfacker
Trogen Railway Station
Mosque and Cultural Centre, Heilbronn
House at the Bäumle
Salgenreute Chapel, Krumbach
House in Stürcherwarld
Children's House at the Duck Creek
House by the Fens, Krumbach
Alpine Sports Centre, Schruns
Reichshof Stadium, Lustenau
Künz Company Headquarters, Hard
Klostergasse Stadium
Tegernsee Hotel