El Croquis 196: Karamuk Kuo Architects and TEd’A Arquitectes


eshop.publisher: El Croquis
eshop.release_year: 2018
eshop.isbn: 9788494775451
eshop.format: dvojčíslo, 25 x 34 cm, 352 stran, brožovaná
eshop.language: english, spanish
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  57.47 € (eshop.exclvat 10 % eshop.vat: 51,72 €)
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This instalment comprises two volumes featuring work by two practices: Karamuk Kuo Architects and TEd’A Arquitectes. The first is based in Zurich and was established by Jeannette Kuo and Ünal Karamuk. The second, headed by Jaume Mayol and Irene Pérez, operates from the capital city of Mallorca. Over the last several years, both offices have gained international recognition with their distinctive approach and a number of built works. The selection of projects by Karamuk Kuo includes two schools, a sports hall, visitor centre, crematorium, public works depot, theatre, and apartments. The portfolio of Ted’A includes mostly private houses with a few public works.


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