MVRDV - Modular Design without a Modular Look

CUA - Coventry University Architecture Society

tue 23.3.2021 18:00 ...


Tisková zpráva
How can we create buildings with a modular design, but without a modular look? MVRDV Partner Jan Knikker will give a lecture on this topic at the University of Coventry on March 23. The lecture is part of an online series organised by the Coventry Architecture Society. Jan Knikker will share MVRDV’s vision and experiences with modular design and give tips on how to implement modularity in design processes.

‘Perhaps we should try to create a European skyscraper, which has the qualities of a small European town.’ – Jan Knikker

As Partner at MVRDV, Jan leads the Contracts, Business Development and Public Relations efforts, forming a client-oriented, fast, and strategic studio that includes a strong visualisation team. He leads MVRDV’s branding efforts and has overseen the practice’s rapid expansion into new markets, focusing on solutions for global issues through its architecture and urbanism.
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