Lebbeus Woods: Zagreb Free Zone Revisited

Oris House of Architecture

Kralja Držislava 3, Záhřeb, Chorvatsko

wed 31.3.2021 10:00

sat 24.4.2021 18:00

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Lebbeus Woods

Tisková zpráva
From Wednesday 31 March 2021, in Oris House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava 3) in Zagreb, you can visit an exhibition by the American architect Lebbeus Woods (1940 – 2012) - LEBBEUS WOODS: ZAGREB FREE ZONE REVISITED.
The event recreates the original exhibition ZAGREB FREE ZONE by the American architect Lebbeus Woods (1940 – 2012), held at the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts in the turbulent 1991. LEBBEUS WOODS: ZAGREB FREE ZONE REVISITED presents the very same large prints exhibited thirty years ago, while the current extensive monograph traces the original drawings, notebooks and models that followed, including the documents related to the planned construction of a Freespace structure in Zagreb.

ONLINE OPENING: 13 April at 6 pm CET on Youtube Oris House of Arhitecture.

WITH THE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: Joseph Becker and Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art); Maristella Casciato (The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles); Steven Holl (Steven Holl Architects, New York); Peter Noever (Peter Noever Design, Vienna); Leo Modrčin, Lovorka Prpić and Fedja Vukić (Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb); Andrija Rusan (Oris House of Architecture); Sven Sorić (graphic designer, Zagreb), and Aleksandra Wagner (Executor of the Estate of Lebbeus Woods).
The exhibition is co-organized by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, by the Oris House of Architecture, and by the Estate of Lebbeus Woods, New York. Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts is the exhibition partner.
Exhibition patron: Ministry of Culture and Media
The catalogue LEBBEUS WOODS : ZAGREB FREE ZONE REVISITED can be purchased at the Oris House of Architecture. The catalogue editors are Leo Modrčin, Lovorka Prpić and Aleksandra Wagner.
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