Vzdušný cirkus

Circo aéreo

Vzdušný cirkus
Address: Calle Marqués de San Nicolás, Logroño, Spain
Investor:Concentrico festival
Built Up Area:200 m2

At KOGAA we are dedicated to projects with a positive impact on the users, the environment and the surrounding communities. It is our responsibility, as architects, to be considerate of all aspects of the built environment. By researching urban problems related to climate change, we actively challenge the functions of public spaces, transforming them into educational, interactive, and conscious catalysts.
Circo aéreo is an itinerary installation that explores the underused potential of empty urban spaces and their often inadequate and barren substitute functions, such as parking facilities. The object re-actives those underused locations by providing a stage for events, and a place to hang out, or rest. The 4mt high inflatable is a canvas for projections and a light source for the evening, and a shading provider for hot days.
The ring-shaped object is also a visual reminder of the issue of CO2 production in our cities, by representing the amount of 1 ton in the size of the air balloon, therefore raising the environmental awareness in the public realm, giving citizens the opportunity to reflect on their current way of living.
The inflatable structure is recycled from a previous use in the city of Brno, and we are glad to be able to reuse the material with an altered and improved function. We believe it is imperative nowadays to try and consume less, and try and re-fit first.
Circo aéreo’ s lower body works both as a structural holder for the upper inflatable ring, as well as a seating amphitheater for events. By lowering the inflatable entrance height to only 1.5 meters, the visitors need to lean down in order to get inside the installation. In this way, once inside, the user can experience being surrounded by the pure shape and infinity of the white circle.
Additionally, the new intervention generates a sense of care and belonging to the space, hopefully leading to daily cleaning and improved security on the location.
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Vojtěch Jemelka
11.06.21 06:41
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