Weekend house by The Danube River

Weekend house by The Danube River

Protected area of natural meandering Danube river is suitable and often used for a recreation and a game-fishing. Investor´s desire was to propose him a concept of a small temporary building which can be used for a family holidays year-round.
The groundplan of the building is minimized because the footprint should take as small area as possible. For this reason we have proposed a two-floor concept in the form of 1 + 1. The interior is designed as an openspace groundfloor with a loft. This connection serves to distribute light, heat and minimize the floor area. Communications and serving spaces are integrated directly into the living units, what allows to create a small living area suitable for 4 persons.
In order to minimize the ecological footprint, the foundations are based on the earth boreholes.
Covered terrace and proposed glass surfaces create a smooth visual communication between the interior and exterior of the cottage. Shifted terrace mass creates an extention for an interior living space and links the object with a river side. The compositional axis visually culminates on the opposite bank of the river.
Bearing cottage structure is made of the wooden CLT panels presented in its natural form, what makes it visually attractive from interior and exterior views. Roof and the highest part of the facade are protected by the offset construction of wood lamellas. These lamellas helps to control the indoor temperature and protects the roof cladding from the sunlight. Airtightness of the construction assecurates a fast heating process and a higher temperature stability in the interior equally in summer and winter.
Acceptable energy stability of the building was achieved even with a visible load-bearing structure and a subtility of its elements.
Šercel Švec
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