Art Museum & Library, Ota


Art Museum & Library, Ota
Spolupráce:Yuko Tonogi, Ayaka Matsuda, Ayami Takada, Hitomi Namiki, Naoki Nakamata
Address: 16-30 Higashihonchō, Ota, Japan
Project:4.2014 - 3.2015
Completion:5.2015 - 12.2016 

Area:3150 m2
Site Area:1497 m2

“Let the city bloom”
t is a cultural exchange facility built in front of Ota station in Gunma prefecture. Ota City has a population of about 220,000 people, and the number of users of the station exceeds 10,000 people in a day. But few people walk in front of the station, shopping streets are quiet. To pioneer breakthroughs for such a situation prevailing throughout Japan, it is the purpose of construction to bring life back in front of Ota Station.
Therefore, for people to easy to walk though and stop by, we aimed for architecture that the town is continuing to the inside.
Specifically, we proposed a configuration surrounding the slopes of steel frame Rims around five RC construction Boxes. People can walk around on each floor like walking in the city.
Also, in order to enable people of various age groups and backgrounds to find their own places, we tried to coexist three-dimensionally with places with various characteristics. Like the coral reef system, is.
I wish that the architecture like flower born in front of the station, which was designed with involvement of a large number of citizens and stakeholders, let the bloom new revitalization to the city.
Akihisa Hirata 

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