Cemetery Extension and Funeral Chapel Weiler

Friedhofserweiterung und Totenkapelle Weiler

Cemetery Extension and Funeral Chapel Weiler
Spolupráce:Josef Nachbaur-Sturm, Robert Zimmermann, Michelangelo Zaffigniani
Address: Walgaustrasse 1, Weiler, Austria
Investor:Obec Weiler

This small project was won in competition in 1994. The concept is simple: A single space for remembrance, reflection and bidding farewell - a glass cube wrapped in timber slats. The west facing main doors incorporate a steel crucifix that splits as the doors slide apart to allow entry. There is also a small pass door in the right hand leaf. Forming a focus in front of the eastern wall is another large cross, shrouded behind a veil of translucent white fabric that descends to the floor from a roof light. The ceiling is finished in timber and the roof is supported by four steel angle columns located at each corner. As part of the same commission, the architects were also responsible for the remodelling of the western end of the churchyard.
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