Showroom IVG

Showroom IVG
Address: Radlická 740/113D, Jinonice, Prague, Czech Republic
Investor:Import Volkswagen Group, s.r.o.

The interior design is based on investor´s demand for a representative space for presentation of new Volkswagen cars. It is not  a classic showroom, but a fully equipped training center and showroom for brand retailers.
The whole concept is based on a large flexible space - mobile moveable partitions and controlled audiovisual system allows great variability and use of space for the presentation of new car models, training, banquets, etc.
Area´s parts are exhibition space, central bar seating, conference / training area, low seating and facilities necessary for the operation of the presentation space.
Particular emphasis is given to illuminate the space. Centrally controlled systém allows adjust lighting scenes depending on ongoing activities. High-end audio-video equipment offers quick dynamic changes during presentation.
White polyurethane screed flooring, white walls and the dividing panels are complemented by an aluminum ceiling with built-in linear lights. Pure white interior showcases not only the beauty of cars of well-known brands, but enables events of various types.
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