Pavillion in Torrevieja Relaxation Park

Parque de la relajación Torrevieja

Pavillion in Torrevieja Relaxation Park
Architect: Toyo Ito
Address: Calle Rafael González Machaquito, Torrevieja, Spain
Site Area:80900 m2

Creation of a gentle hill
With its gently rolling greens, the landscape evokes an abandoned nature to be re-created. It will provide a place for relaxation for the citizens. The shape of the hill, similar to sand with its ripple pattern, responds to the geographical features of the surroundings of the Lagoon of Torrevieja and la Mata.

Architecture of airy lighteness
The architecture assimilates and blends with the landscape in its wavy spreading flow. The intention of minimum treatment of architecture derives from the concealed aesthetic sense of nature, giving new functions and meanings to the place.

Human body in natural relaxation and rest
It is the gift of the lagoon to provide places for healing the human mind and physical body. Placing various functions and places apart from each other enables people to walk around in the park and commune with nature. The walks also form part of the exercise and treatment of the body.

It is intended to create a natural landscape in conspiracy with people’s activities and the characteristics of the place. This will be achieved by using various materials such as natural light, soil, sand, additional green, stone and trees in such a way that they change continuously and still relate.
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