Stone Sculpture Museum

Steinskulpturenmuseum der Fondation Kubach-Wilmsen

Stone Sculpture Museum
Architect: Tadao Ando
Spolupráce:zapp architecture
Investor:Nadace Kubach‐Wilmsen
Price:1 150 000 Euro

This is a small museum for exhibiting the work of sculptors Wolfgang Kubach and Anna Maria Kubach-Wilmsen on a site amidst the gentle hills of Germany. A traditional gabled-roof barn was relocated to the site, restored, and converted into the museum’s main exhibition building. The old walls of the barn were removed, leaving only the timberwork of the gables that were placed upon a new concrete structure. Natural light shines through the old timberwork into a new double-height space for exhibiting the sculptures. A further set of concrete walls was built around the building to define courtyards and water gardens for displaying sculptures outside. The central water garden reflects the figure of the barn, the sculptures, and the sky that jointly create a fresh landmark that fuses together the new and old elements within the country landscape.
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