Yokohama International Port Terminal

Yokohama International Port Terminal
Coauthor: Cecil Balmond
Address: Ōsanbashi Pier, Yokohama, Japan
Investor:The City of Yokohama Port
Area:438243 m2

"The Yokohama project was the origin of my practice. And the opportunity to crystallise a type of investigation that I believe involved a whole generation of architects, and to test it with reality. The hybridisation of infrastructure, landscape and architecture, the integration of computer-aided design into the practice of architecture, and maybe the exploration of a global practice were tested through this project into a real building. And of course, it was a huge personal experience."
Alejandro Zaera-Polo

"Yokohama International Port Terminal is a very important institution for the international friendship to give the passengers the first impression of Japan. In addition, it is a usual amenity spot for the citizen as a port of their waterfront. In order to make these situations clear, the concept '' Niwaminato'' has been set up for the institution. ''Niwaminato'' consists of two different meanings for the passengers who visit Japan through Yokohama and its citizens. That is to say, the passengers visit Yokohama from the sea enjoying the scenery of the port like a garden. The view of the grand pier from the sea makes their expectation of landing much higher. And they can enjoy the sense of travel different from that of the airports through the intimate space of the Osanbashi pier. ''Niwaminato'' values the first impression which sways the image of the country. On the other hand, the citizens of Yokohama are proud of the international port in Yokohama. And moreover its waterfront is a usual amenity place for them. They also enjoy ''Niwaminato'' at the different point from the passengers'. ''Niwaminato'' consists of these different meanings. Hereafter only the image for the port can never work well. ‘’Niwaminato’’, which will create the future, is made up of the series of different factors influenced each other."
Original Competition Details Extract, City of Yokohama, May, 1994
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