Rehearsal Room


Rehearsal Room
Spolupráce:Alexandra Fink, Britta Wohlgenannt, Robert Zimmermann, Davide Paruta, Stefan Baur
Address: Furxstrasse 1A, Zwischenwasser, Austria
Investor:Obec Zwischenwasser
Area:195 m2

The rehearsal locally in Batschuns is not meant to be a building but a “resonating body”. It is conceived as a solitaire cube, whose appearance presents a form that is developed from inward to outward. Its positioning in the existing environment effectuates a suspenseful dialogue between the very small, abstract volume and the dominant old school building.
The two parts of a structure are close without touching each other, they create a spacial situation without forming a proper courtyard. The sight relations to the surrounding area of unspoiled nature are not cancelled, but more enthralling and clearer for the beholder. 
The development of the building orientates itself at an new projected alley that is westbound towards the village. There is another additional possibility to access easterly of the school. The rehearsal locally is an introvert cube with lens-like outlooks and light intakes. The directed light becomes a sensual experience. Neither the conductor nor the musicians are aligned frontal towards a window. A gentle brightness and the special experience because of the indirect light afford concentrated rehearsal for the musicians.
The building is a formal reduced “resonating body”. A homogeneous facade enforces the abstract charisma of this spacial installation. The material for the outer and interior shell are timber panels.
Marte.Marte Architekten
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