hotHel - boutique hotel

hotHel - boutique hotel
Address: Bursztynowa, Półwysep Helski, Hel, Poland
Area:219 m2

Interiors: Joanna Jendraszek
Jakub Fellmann, Maciej Miszczyk, Krzysztof Matejko, Joanna Małecka, Marcin Spychalski, Marek Jerzyński
Hel is a city located in Poland, on the Hel Peninsula by the Baltic Sea. There is a seaside resort, a fishing and a yacht harbor. In this small, but very charming city, considered as 'the beginning of Poland', the boutique hotel called 'hotHel' was created.
The facility is located next to the main road running along the Hel Peninsula about 1 km from the bay and 2 km from the sea coastilne. The plot on which the building stands is a sandy dune with several trees characteristic of this region.The building is located along a street with several identical buildings. The sizes and shapes of buildings are defined in the local spatial development plan. This plan defines the lines in which new objects should be placed, building heights, roof inclination directions and angles as well as materials and colors to be used on elevations and roofs. It is these regulations that arrange the buldings of Hel along the Dworcowa street. However 'hotHel' stands out among other facilities. Its roof and side elevations are covered with graphite tiles, and each of the apartments has a characteristic white loggia.
The building has three floors, on which there are five apartments of different sizes. Each of them has the previously mentioned loggia, which is a place where you can sit and eat a meal. Balcony enclosures with walls and their roofs are designed to protect against the coastal wind, furhermore they give a pleasant shade and prevent the building from overheating on hot days. Due to the entire glazing of the access to loggia, the interiors are pretty bright, but direct sunlight does not fall through the windows and does not heat the rooms, and guests have beautiful views of the nearby nature.
In the building each of the apartments is equipped with its own bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette with a sink, a hotplate, a fridge and a dishwasher. The rooms have comfortable sofas and beds. In 'hotHel' there is a public area on the ground floor, where you can spend some time with other guests of the hotel. This part has a direct access to the plot, on whose surface the yellow sand, characteristic for the nearby dunes, has been left. The building was located in such a way as to keep as many trees as possible, which give shade on the common terrace.
The object is an all-year-round building. Guests can relax here in any time of the year – depending on their preferences. An undoubted advantage of the 'hotHel' is its proximity to the vast, uncrowded beaches and the centre of a charming city, of which one of the attractions is seal centre known in Poland.
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