Restoration of devastated artificial caves

Address: Havlíčkovy sady, 2, Prague, Czech Republic
Investor:Městská část Praha 2
Project:3 / 2010
Completion:11 / 2009 - 09 / 2011

Restoration of devastated artificial caves, built between 1870-1887 in the gardens of Moritz Gröbe, now Havlicek's Gardens. Authors of the historical architectural design are  A.V. Barvitius, J. Schulz, J. Vorlíček, B. Shnirch. The building consists of architectonic exterior elements, artificial rocks mostly made of a brick masonry. The complex is a national cultural monument.

Grotta was unmaintained for over 60 years, only a damaged torso had remained. Project was based on historical photographs and fragments of 19th century plans.

Grotta's physical restoration was a combination of historical building technologies and restorers cowork with a goal to to achieve the original look of the building back again and preserve the authenticity of its age. Methods of restoration varied depending on specific element, it's location and a stage of a decay. Restorer's works were engaged on artificial rocks, stucco decorations, stonework elements, travertine wall decorations, wall paintings, roots-imitating kerbs, outdoor vases with copper agave leafs etc.

The technical value of Grotta lies in a renovated system of natural interior spaces ventilation and in the underground water-gathering system from which the main fountain is saturated.
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