VH house

VH house
The house is located in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. Due to rapid urbanization, the city faces many problems with traffic jams, air pollution, lack of public space.
The house is designed for 4-member family. The land of house is relatively small, 4×16 meters. It was used as garden with fruit trees and vegetable. The aim was to return this garden to family by applying maximum amount of greenery in the design.
The main aim was to create a comfortable living for family of 4 in a small plot. One continuous living space is divided by small exterior and interior green courtyards. Roof area is covered by open gardens where the family may plant their own vegetable and fruits. Greenery applied in an architecture is important in the dense city of Hanoi where is lack of green areas and not enough public spaces for inhabitants.
The parcel of the house is relatively narrow with 4.1m. The aim was to create an airy open space on the ground floor so that the residents have a feeling of space generosity even though it is a small house. Separation of the functions in such a linear space is created by the trees and plants which have the function of visual division of the space. They are a replacement for the classical walls. The residents are in the close contact with the greenery which contributes for the positive atmosphere of the house.
Due to very low construction budget the house is designed by cheap local materials such as bricks. For the reduction in an electricity consumption of the air-conditioning system, the house may be naturally cross ventilated.
The intention was to find spatial harmony among the traditional house, the local climate and contemporary lifestyle.
This house can serve as an example of how to build a house in Hanoi with an emphasis on local climate and culture.
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