3LHD is a multidisciplinary architectural practice with offices in Zagreb and Split, Croatia, focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, design and art. 3LHD architects constantly explore new possibilities of interaction between architecture, society and individuals. With contemporary approach, the team of young architects resolves all projects in cooperation with many experts from various disciplines. Projects, such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Croatian Pavilion in EXPO 2005 in Japan, Riva waterfront in Split, the study for Bale/Valle and Sports Hall Bale in Istria, Hotel Lone in Rovinj, and Eastern European Cultural Centre in Xi’an in PR China are some of the important highlights. The work of 3LHD has received important Croatian and international awards, including the award for best building in Sport category on first World Architecture Festival 2008, AR Annual Award, the world's leading emerging architecture award by The Architectural Review (UK), the ID Magazine Award (USA); and Croatian professional awards Bernando Bernardi (2005), Viktor Kovačić (2001) and Vladimir Nazor (1999).

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