Michael Zinganel : Crime does pay!

SOFA / Nina Ličková
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21.10.2012 12:25
Crime does pay! The structure-building power of crime for urban planning and urban experience
… an analyses of “design by fear” discourses and tendencies spreading all over the world in neoliberal period of 1980s. How were architects involved in that anti-social production of segregation?

Michael Zinganel (*1960, Bad Radkersburg, Austria) is an architecture theorist, cultural historian, curator and artist. He was teaching at the Institute of Building Typology at the Graz University of Technology and at various other universities and academies, most recently at the postgraduate programme of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. He studied architecture at Graz, fine arts at the Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht and obtained a PhD in contemporary history at the University of Vienna. Among other projects he realized a touring exhibition through common amenities in Viennese municipal buildings of the inter-war-period, Vienna in 1995, a show about the history of anonymous single family houses in post-war Austria for AzW Vienna in 1998 and diverse formats about the productive force of crime for the development of art, architecture and urban design, e.g.: Michael Zinganel, Real Crime, Architecture & Crime, edition selene, Vienna 2003. Recently he worked with his Zurich based colleagues Peter Spillmann and Vienna based Michael Hieslmair on various aspects of urban and transnational mobility, contemporary mass tourism and migration, both on a micro- and macro-political level. He organized conferences and art exhibitions and participated at several exhibitions himself: e.g. at Shrinking Cities in 2005, at Open Cities, the 4 th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, in 2009, at Ruhr.2010, European Capital of Culture.

www.zinganel.mur.at | www.mhmz.at | www.tracingspaces.net

Přednáška se uskuteční ve středu 24.10.2012  v 18 hod v místnosti A118 na  fakultě architektury VUT v Brně, Poříčí 5.
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