Gabu Heindl : Conflictual architecture, Stakes and Strategies

Interest, Arrest and the Rest

SOFA / Nina Ličková
Tisková zpráva
04.11.2012 22:55
Gabu Heindl

Architects have a responsibility towards public space, but are not the ones who produce the latter all by themselves. Public space is constantly produced by diverging interests of many actors. Architects, so it is said, want to do good and advocate public interest. But what is the interest of the public? Since there is no such thing as one interest and one public. Hence, an architect must be critical, i.e. must make choices, while at the same time remaining critical about his/her own choices. The lecture will address certainties and insecurities, successes as well as remaining dilemmas from within three public projects of different scales: from a courtyard to an urban riverbench area.

GABU HEINDL is an architect and researcher in Vienna, operating at the intersection of architecture, art and urbanity. She has been holding teaching positions at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, at TU Graz, TU Delft, and has been lecturer or critic at AA London, CUHK HongKong, Städelschule Frankfurt, Berlage Institute, a.o.

Realized projects at Venice Art Biennale 2009, European Cultural Capital Linz09, conversion of the Austrian Film Museum and experimental theater brut in Vienna; Extension of Kindergarden Rohrendorf, Mock-Ups in Close-Up video project about architectural models in film. Currently together with the team of GABU Heindl Architektur she builds a public school, refurbishes an art house cinema and develops public space guidelines for the banks of the Viennese Danube channel.

Publications a.o. in JAE, Umbau, derive or archis. Guest-Editor of "Just Architecture!" special issue on justice in planning, ERA21, #1,2012. Editor of Arbeit Zeit Raum – Bilder und Bauten der Arbeit im Postfordismus, turis+kant, Vienna 2008 and position everyday. architecture in the context of everyday life, Graz 2009.

 Přednáška se uskuteční tuto středu, pozor, tentokrát už v 17:00 hodin na fakultě architektury VUT v Brně (Poříčí 5), v místnosti A118. 

 Přednáška proběhne v angličtině.

 Na Vaši účast se těší
 Gabu Heindl, Markéta Březovská a Jan Kristek

Taking place on Wednesday, this at already at 17:00 !!!

 7.11.2012 // 17:00 // A118 / FA VUT Brno // Poříčí 5, 63900 Brno.

 The lecture will be held in English.

 Looking forward to your attendance
 Gabu Heindl, Markéta Březovská a Jan Kristek
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