SpaceHacking - Invitation for International Summer School in Brno

Jan Kristek
Tisková zpráva
03.07.2014 15:25
We are delighted to invite you to our SpaceHacking International Summer School in Brno, which will take place on 4th - 9th of August 2014.

International interdisciplinary Summer School on city and contemporary technology aims to bring together students from different study fields for a one week intensive work tutored by professionals with the background in architecture, urban planning, urban design, art, scripting and new media.

Contemporary discourse on city and high technology is often driven by techno-optimism featuring terms such as network city, big data, smart city, smart building or smart community. But what do these terms really mean to us as citizens and individuals? In the rhetoric of corporations such as IBM or CISCO the technological future of our cities seems to be always bright and unavoidable and the high technology seems to be politically neutral, bearing a beneficial role. Their ready made centralized solutions for municipalities give us notion of the city governed by pushing the button with main arguments based on efficiency, safety and health. But do we really want to be governed by the push of the button from above? Are efficiency, safety and health the only values we want to build our cities on?

These politically neutral notions suspiciously remind us of the modernist era of city planning of the first half of the 20th century, where a hero architect is merged with a hero engineer equipped with rationality and all-encompassing ideal of the city ready to solve all the lively problems by the modernist approach to urban design.

Can we depart from framework of the technological solutions and its intended use that is offered us in the top-down manner? How? Can be technology deprived of the power-relations embedded in it? Can we use technology in some kind of surprising way to fit them better to our personal desires beyond efficiency and safety?

Similarly as hacker is using subversive techniques to make use of virtual space, can we – architects, artist, designers, planners and city dwellers – make use of the high technology in physical space of the city? If yes, than how exactly?

Everyone who is interested in city, space, design and critical thinking is welcomed at the SPACEHACKING summer school!

What: International Summer School on critical city mapping  with use of technology (Arduino, scripting, programing, life hacking, prototyping) resulting in physical projects – interventions in urban environment (in the city of Brno)

When: 4th – 9th of August 2014

Venue: Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology, Poříčí 273/5, 639 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Number of participants: 20 to 25 Students

Fee: 300 Kč / 20 Euro

Deadline for application: 20th of July at




Tutors: Miodrag Kuč (Paraartformations, Berlin, Germany), Sergio Galan Nieto (Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain), Markéta Březovská (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Karlsruhe, Germany), Jan Kristek (Contesting Space, Faculty of Architecture BUT, Brno, Czech Republic), Jiří Suchánek (Faculty of Fine Arts BUT, Brno, Czech Republic), Martin Blaško (Faculty of Fine Arts BUT, Brno, Czech Republic), Pavel Richtr (Faculty of Fine Arts BUT, Brno, Czech Republic)

Expert consulting: Barbora Šedivá (4AM, Brno, Czech Republic)

Production: Jana Kořínková (Faculty of Fine Arts BUT, Brno, Czech Republic)

Under the auspices of the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture BUT, Contesting Space and 4AM.

Organized by: Contesting Space
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