47: The System

Nakladatelství: Archis
Rok vydání: 2016
ISSN: 9789077966471
Formát: 20 x 27 cm, 144 stran, brožovaná
Jazyk: anglicky
Naše cena: 500 Kč (bez 10 % DPH: 454,55 Kč)
  20 € (bez 10 % DPH: 18,00 €)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

This issue focuses on “The System”, an indicator of the complex interaction of the economy, professional practice, and personal choice. Although it seems ambiguous, the term hints at an intention to change whatever “it” is, or stands for. It encourages architects to think beyond the mythical point zero (zero emissions, zero warming, zero waste), and instead speculate on what future should be envisioned, what society we strive for. Sustainability means more than applying the right systems and norms, and architecture must enact this shift towards non-exhaustive cycles, to start reusing and reclaiming. Through more than 20 critical analyses and case studies, a way forward is manifested.


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