Invitation for 4th Annual Get-together

Tisková zpráva
19.06.2010 11:00
Martin Rajniš
Martin Rajniš Architektonická Kancelář e-MRAK

4th ANNUAL GET-TOGETHER will take place on 19th June at 3pm on the Scholzberg Hill (GPS: 50°45'53.641"N, 15°13'53.645"E) Martin Rajnis and Jan Zemlicka are saying: "Everybody is welcome!"

This year's motto: "Architects', artists', technicians' and normal people's get-together with the aim of finding a common language and uncomplicated thinking"

Every architect will bring his technician and every technician will bring his architect, every artist will bring a human. Beer, sausages, goulash, bread, music and a programme will be provided. Will take place in all weather. Sleeping is possible in a barn or outside on the meadow, alternatively in the nearby hotel Maxov, please make your own arrangements:

Programme: Short speeches on the topics of communication and uncomplicated thinking are expected of everybody.

A projector will be available for presentation of photos or pictures (on USB), with or without commentary, from travels, life, studies, nature, buildings, technologies, etc. - a walk-through cinema! Several short films will be presented. The main aim is to start communication with others, even with "enemy groups". Speeches from representatives of the individual universities or various groups will be welcome.
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