El Croquis 209: Roger Boltshauser


Nakladatelství: El Croquis
Rok vydání: 2021
ISBN: 9788412333138
Formát: 25 x 34 cm, 352 stran, brožovaná
Jazyk: english, spanish
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Covering almost two decades of work by Roger Boltshauser, this issue takes a fresh look at the Zurich-based architect’s uniquely contemporary manner of expression. With profiles of more than 20 projects conceived since the turn of the century, it outlines Boltshauser’s approach to materials and the methods he uses to reveal their intrinsic constructive and structural possibilities. Among the highlights are the rammed earth Rauch House, a clay observation tower at the Brickworks Museum in Cham, Oerlikon Sports and Swimming Centre, Ozeanium at Basel Zoo, and more. The issue also features a conversation with the architect and Jonathan Sergison, plus an essay by Jesús Vassallo.

Equipment Storage Buildings and
Finishing Tower Sihlhölzli
Rauch House
Conversion of Studio Building Dubsstrasse
Allenmoos II School Pavilion
Hirzenbach Residential High-Rise
Ozeanium, Basel Zoo
Krämeracker Primary School
Office Building Renovation Bleicherweg
Renovation of Low-Rise Buildings in Hirzenbach
Steel House Case Study
Ingenbohl Convent Retirement Center
H1 Zwhatt-Areal High-Rise
Baufeld F Europaallee
Wasserwerke Zug Office and
Infrastructure Building
Sitterwerk St Gallen Mock-up
Kiln Tower for the Brickworks Museum, Cham
New DTB Operations Building, St Gallen
Oerlikon. Sports and Swimming Center
ZZM Dentistry Center, University of Zurich
Residential Development Altwiesen
GLC Research Building, ETH