610 21:07 House Looking Into The World

Nakladatelství: The Japan Architect
Rok vydání: 2021
ISSN: 9784900212657
Formát: 22 x 29 cm, 168 stran, brožovaná
Jazyk: english, japan
Běžná cena: 750 Kč
Naše cena: 600 Kč (bez 10 % DPH: 545,46 Kč)
  25.21 € (bez 10 % DPH: 22,69 €)
Skladem: 0 ks (standardní doba expedice do 21 dnů)

This issue brings forward the work of six architectural practices, each of which provides a statement on the meaning of life, place, and form. Guest editor Go Hasegawa belongs to the same generation as these offices, who all share a similar attitude towards the house and its relationship to the world beyond. In her essay, Giovanna Borasi discusses the evolving concept of lifecycle and work, new models of co-living, and a perceived misalignment between new societal needs and the architecture that accommodates them. The featured practices are: 6a architects (London), Vector Architects (Beijing), MOS (New York), adamo-faiden (Buenos Aires), and HARQUITECTES (Barcelona).


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