Robotic workshop: 3D printed chardelier

Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, FA ČVUT v Praze
FA ČVUT v Praze

sat 15.6.2019 10:00

mon 17.6.2019 19:00 ...

Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera
3D Printed Chandelier | robotic workshop

Manuel Jimenez García | Bartlett; madMdesign
Starsk Lara | IAAC; Noumena

► 700 CZK / 27 EUR

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► Large-scale 3dprinting methods offer a greater formal versatility than conventional manufacturing methods. Furthermore, they allow for the shrinkage of the production chain, without moulds and complicated assemblies. This empowers designers to move beyond the continuous instantiation of their products to fit into industrial models of production.

This workshop will explore the possibilities of large-scale robotic 3dprinting, focusing on the creation of objects previously inconceivable with traditional manufacturing techniques. The students will learn how to digitally design specifically for 3dprinting, and how to play with its constraints to generate formal differentiation and diversity.

Workshop participants will as well get basic training in robotic 3d printing, accessing a Universal Robot equipped with a Wasp plastic extruder. Some of the objects designed during the workshop will be physically produced an assemble into a larger object, which will become part of the Prague Experimental Biennale.

The main software packages used during the workshop are Autodesk Maya and Rhinoceros Grasshopper. Educational versions are available online at no cost. It is recommended to bring a personal laptop with the software installed prior to the start of the workshop.
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