Villa in Ostrava Petrkovice

Villa in Ostrava Petrkovice
The villa is located in a suburban environment with outstanding views to surrounding landscape. The design concept has reflected and enhanced these qualities of the site. The volume of the building is designed as single storey, which was the main client requirement. The horizontal concept has produced an intense spatial relationship of all the interior spaces with the surrounding garden. This exterior - interior relationship is freely based on Wrightian ideas for prerie houses, which many Czech architects have adopted subsequently.
      Our design is developing this concept further. The building is located in the central zone of the property, on its highest point, a predominantly flat plateau, so that the large garden is used generously in all aspects and sides with all views taken into account. There is no front street or rear elevation, but a modular concept in which interior spaces are interchanged with a series of atriums or, as we think of them, external rooms. The building is a mass of walls and openings arranged in a manner, which has produced in an organic plan and elevational treatment. The volume, plan and material layout are a logical outcome of the house's position.
      Materials used are left in their natural full-bodied appearance, supporting the concept of a horizontal countryside villa. In principle, all vertical supporting structure is constructed of brick rendered with natural stucco. Horizontal structure is all of fair-face reinforced concrete. Structure and finishes flow freely from interior to exterior. They are completemented by quality built in timber furniture, floors, and metal window frames left in natural finish.
      A covered carport will be built on the front part of the plot in the future.
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