Stříbrná Skalice House

Stříbrná Skalice House
The task was to build a contemporary weekend house. Our client wishes to spend mainly free weekends there, however during summer they might stay longer.
From the original cottage only a massive stone basement has been preserved. It serves as a basis for a concrete slab, which supports cantilevered parts of the new house. The house has been designed as a modern wood structure (“two by four“ system).
Windows are faced partly to the north (access road) but mostly to the south (river). This protects the client’s privacy from nearby houses and also provides an amazing river view.
The wood facade cladding is made of non-treated larch. Some parts as well as the roof are covered by tin sheets.
In the interior there have been used materials with low logistic and energy needs. Almost the whole house (except e. g. the fireplace) has been furnished by local firms and contractors. Most of the furniture has been designed uniquely for this project.
All construction time including basic furnishing lasted for 3,5 month.
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