Lookout Tower on Brdo Peak

Lookout Tower on Brdo Peak
Hlavní dodavatel:Staveko Uherské Hradiště
Address: Czech Republic
Investor:Sdružení pro podporu místních iniciativ Chřiby, Obec Kostelany
Completion:21.10.2001 - 21.10.2004
Built Up Area:46 m2
Built Up Space:974 m3
Price:5 500 000 CZK

The Chřiby mountain range is the highest ridge of the Central Moravian Carpathians that seepage the northern flatlands of Haná from the Southern flatlands of Slovácko. Brdo hill, with its 586.7 meters, is the highest peak of these mostly wooded highlands of 335 km².
The nearest habitation is some three kilometers away. The peak itself is difficult to reach by car and impossible to supply with water and electricity. These factors played a role in the preparations for the construction of a new tourist lookout tower. The originality of the solution was based on the availability of traditional local materials / stone and wood. Sandstone from nearby Žlutavy was used as the building stone.
The main mass of the lookout tower consists of stone masonry gradually receding towards the top. The tower's shape is determined by the properties and craft of the masonry / without support steel construction.
The total height of the lookout tower is 23.9 meters. Its ground plan is formed by an isosceles triangle with rounded corners, expanding towards the ridge of the range. The axis of the ground plan follows the line of the ridge. The layout is tailored to the terrain and climatic conditions in the area..
The tower is entered at first floor level via an external wooden staircase; the groundfloor houses technical facilities. The interior oak staircase features large landings and windows offering tower is glazed on all sides. During times of fine weather, half of the glass panes can be opened. The roof is flat and covered with copper sheeting.

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