A furniture prototype for Milano Salone di Mobile 2018

Address: Milan, Italy

Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague
Studio of Architecture III
Design and development:
Daniel Sviták
Daniel Sviták, Petra Sochůrková
Peter Kolarčik
SoFa (Soft Fabrication) explores the border between design and architecture by introducing the principles of architectural form finding through material computation into the real scale design objects. The recent development in the fields of architecture and design has blended the border between both. Architects are designing small-scale design object and designers are engaged in large-scale architectural topics. The blurred border between these traditionally divided disciplines implements techniques of one into the other and opens new possibilities and solutions.
The 1:1 experience of material experimentation opens new potential of possible interpretations. One of those are SoFa, objects originating in architectural testing of polyurethane foam boards. Prefabricated foam boards are perceived through its stretching and compression properties. By punctual clasping of the boards new patterns of stretches emerge, causing deformations in the surface tensions and deforming the original shapes of the boards. These new patterns transform the boards into wavy curvilinear objects that resemble digital 3D models. The final shape is stabilized and stiffened by layers of glass fiber.
This simple production method allows great amount of variations and possibilities, maintaining complex shapes and abstract character of architectural models. This is only possible by following the internal logic of the material. SoFa has the potential to become highly customizable object, that can become a personalized chair or a bed. The SoFa prototypes are part of the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague exposition at Ventura Lambrate at the Milan Design Week – Salone Del Mobile 2018.
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