SIE Headquarters

SIE Headquarters
Address: Millennium Park 12, Lustenau, Austria
Investor:System Industrie Electronic AG
Area:32000 m2

System Industrie Electronic (SIE) manufactures computers and their components. Like a number of companies in this field, they began in a domestic garage, in the 1990s, and expanded rapidly. This is their new HQ tower, sited on the outskirts of Lustenau. Each floor is different, either in height or function, with the top floor devoted to administration. The floors below are used for meetings, storage, assembly and so on. Some floors are double-height, some are single. Some floors are completely glazed, others are almost blind. These differences are expressed in the elevations, bringing interest and variety. Externally, the predominant materials are curtain walling and white concrete. Internally, the concrete is also left exposed, but in some areas it has been clad with birch veneered boards. The floors are all covered with dark grey felt to reduce the amount of static electricity generated by the occupants. A unique, elegant, vertical factory - and a truly outstanding building.
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