ANASOFT Headquarters

ANASOFT Headquarters
Address: Mlynská dolina 41, Bratislava, Slovakia
Investor:Anasoft APR s.r.o.
Built Up Area:278 m2

The conversion of a boarding house into offices was a quite difficult task due to the complicated construction scheme of the original building (a mixture of a concrete_steel framework vs wall system). As the customer preferred the location of a new developing urban structure to other solutions (other location, new building, demolition of the existing one, etc.), we had to adapt our design to the existing construction and minimize the costs of the conversion.

The resulting design expresses itself in a combination of two facade types, which help to balance the visual difference and general impression of the new office building.

The original boarding house has been built in a steep slope, which was stabilised with a massive wall. We had let the existing structure to reinforce (by the use of a simple break in the wall) the general impression of the new building and created a new entrance on the -1 outside parking level.
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