Rose Center for Earth and Space

Rose Center for Earth and Space
Address: Central Park West and 79th Street, Manhattan, New York, USA
Investor:American Museum of Natural History
Area:31122 m2

This project redefines the image of a 128-year-old institution for the 21st century while respecting the historic architecture of the designated landmark. The iconic sphere, housed within a glass cube, contains a state-of-the-art planetarium and "Big Bang" theater, whose program describes the origins of the universe. Below the sphere is the Cullman Hall of the Universe. A thematically-linked sequence of exhibits reunites the new building with the old and heightens the public's understanding of the importance of astronomy and its connection to the other natural sciences. Other project elements are: a new Columbus Avenue entrance, expanded restaurant and retail facilities, an educational resource center, and parking beneath the landscaped Ross Terrace.
Polshek Partnership
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