The New Palazzo del Cinema at Lido di Venezia

Progetto per il palazzo del cinema

The New Palazzo del Cinema at Lido di Venezia
Architect: Steven Holl
Spolupráce:Janet Cross, Thomas Jenkinson, Jun Kim, Lucinda Knox, William Wilson
Address: Lido di Venezia, Venice, Italy
Investor:Festival del Cinema di Venezia

The building where the Biennale’s International Film Festival currently takes place is the result of the work carried out by the same designer in two distinct but unfinished phases. Flying over the architectural features of the current Palazzo del Cinema, it is useful to remember that with the passing of the years and the changing needs of the events promoted by the Biennale, the building has proved increasingly inadequate to meet the needs it should satisfy from this state of affairs, between 1988 and 1989 the Biennale decided to launch an international competition to design the new building, availing itself for the drafting of the notice of the Councillor’s office of Urban planning of the City of Venice and the advice of the Superintendent of Architectural Heritage.
Steven Holl Architects
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