Planar House

Planar House
Architect: Steven Holl
Address: Paradise Valley, USA
Built Up Area:308 m2

Sited in Paradise Valley with a direct vista to Camelback Mountain, this house is to be a part of, and vessel for, a large contemporary art collection. Great 20th-century works by Bruce Nauman, Robert Ryman, Jeff Koons and Jannis Kounellis are part of the collection, which includes important video artworks.
Constructed of tilt-up concrete, the flat and rotated nature of the walls merges with the simple orthogonal requirements for displaying art. Shape extensions and light and air chimneys connected to cooling pools articulate the planar geometry. From a courtyard experienced at the entry of sequence, a ramp leads to a rooftop sculpture garden-a place of silence and reflection.
Steven Holl Architects
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