Development of the Dreirosen-Klybeck Schoolhouse

Überbauung Dreirosen-Klybeckstrasse

Development of the Dreirosen-Klybeck Schoolhouse
Address: Klybeckstrasse, Breisacherstrasse, Basel, Switzerland

At the edge of the Klybeck quarter, where 19th century Basel suddenly ends, the old Dreirosen Schoolhouse stood as a solitary object in the midst of a half-complete city block. The outside of the block fragment is completed by the new construction and thereby defines the edge of the city; within, the old schoolhouse playground is enclosed and protected above a new subterranean gymnasium. The mixture of schoolrooms and apartments in the wing running along the street reinforces the functions of the existing buildings adjoining the square. Their common movement around the old schoolhouse allows the surrounding buildings to merge into a single body: their volume decreases, while their transparency increases. The omnipresent, neutral stucco and flush detailing of the windows reinforces this combination of buildings into an abstract volumetric composition. During the day, the three subterranean gymnasiums remain concealed. Only at night is one aware of their presence by the field of artificial light that shines through the glass blocks in the schoolyard.
Morger & Degelo Architekten
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