St. Alban Ring Housing Development

Wohnüberbauung St. Alban-Ring

St. Alban Ring Housing Development
Address: St. Alban Ring, Basel, Switzerland

At St. Alban Ring, two worlds collide that could not be more different: on the one side of the road, the intact Gellert-Quarter with it’s bourgeois houses, green spaces and proximity to the city centre, while directly next to it lies the chaotic world of the closely bundled strands of traffic from the motorway and railway. Here the spacious, quiet park of the middle school with old trees, there the traffic noise and the view obstructed by the high street. The new four-story house is placed right at the road’s edge to act as a screen, giving the attractive park side as much area as possible. Balconies take up the entire width of the building and invite one to step out and participate in the enjoyment of living in the green. In the apartments, private areas are inserted as compact chambers, while the communal areas continue as a flowing structure beyond the climatic border into the polygonal balconies. The undulating movement, conveyed from here into the cubic form of the house is carefully continued on the street side, only to become barely discernible in the perspective shortening.
Morger & Degelo Architekten
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