The New Museum of mountaineering

„From the Bohemian Paradise to the Tops of the World“

The New Museum of mountaineering
Spolupráce:Ing. Zdeněk Sláma
Investor:Muzeum Českého ráje v Turnově
Area:498 m2
Built Up Area:525 m2

Partneři projektu: Liberecký kraj, Město Bad Schandau
Ideový záměr projektu: PhDr. Vladimíra Jakouběová
Scénář expozice: Mgr. Alžběta Kulíšková a Mgr. David Marek
Inženýring a prováděcí dokumentace: Profes projekt, s. r. o.
Grafické řešení: Jaroslav Turek, hipposdesign
Odborná konzultace: Tomáš Flanderka, MUDr. Zdeněk Konrád, Vladimír Procházka
Náklady: 45 mil.CZK, dotace Evropské unie činí 85 %
On 07/09/2019 a new Museum of mountaineering with the exhibition “From the Bohemian Paradise to the Tops of the World” was opened in the area of the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov. It was created within the cooperation program between the Czech Republic and the Free State of Saxony ". The exposition devoted not only to sandstone climbing, which is unmistakably connected with the Bohemian Paradise locality, was created in a revitalized building of the Museum area built in 1974. It originally served as an exhibition space for the largest oil painting in Central Europe called “Killing the Saxons under Hrubá Skála”. The author of the painting design, including the opening sketch, was M. Aleš and was painted by V. Bartoněk, V. Jansa and K. Mašek for the Czech-Slavonic Ethnographic Exhibition held in 1895. The 8.5 x 10 meters screen was preserved in the new exposition and became part of it. The new Museum of Climbing has three floors, it is connected to the main building of the Museum and the depository. The highest part of the exhibition devoted to alpine climbing in the future will be complemented by another exhibition dedicated to the famous photographer and mountaineer William Heckel. The exhibition is an analogy of walking through the mountain landscape. It is made of birch and oak plywood anchored in solid wooden load-bearing profiles. Atypical embedded furniture is made of korian, complemented by standardized furniture brand Magis. The exhibition will introduce visitors to the development and important milestones of mountaineering, interactive elements will entertain not only children, reveal many photographs and original aids, which have so far been only a treasure of their contractors, the climbers themselves. From the third floor of the building it is possible to walk on the exterior footbridge to another part of the Museum. The parterre also got a new look. It is larger, cleared of various stickers, planted with trees, there was a new elevation. This will serve as a communication, rest or occasional auditorium. The parterre will continue to be used for various cultural events of the institution, as was the case at the Museum premises in the past.
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