KIBE Child Care Centre

Kinderbetreuungseinrichtung KAGes & Medizinische Universität Graz (MUG)

KIBE Child Care Centre
Spolupráce:Karin Prieler
Address: Stiftingtalstraße 89/91, Graz, Austria
Investor:Medizinische Universität Graz
Area:2220 m2

A child care centre has to have a differing range of areas to meet the children’s varying perceptive needs. This applies the same way to indoor and outdoor areas. The possibility of social engagement as well as segregation is equally offered. This general pretension to the children’s space is overlaid with the specific site requirements such as noise protection (for the neighbourhood) and the particular topographic situation.
Resulting in a building that creates a flat stretched unique world structured by a diverse sequence of differing spaces such as linger areas or spacious playgrounds. The exterior appearance on the contrary shows a much closed volume growing out of the landscape revealing itself as a closed one-and-a-half-story high volume facing the main adjacent road with a perforated roofscape.
Underneath this spacious roof each kindergarten group and function is strung along the main circulating corridor. Each unit is organized very economical according to its function. But its position to each other in combination with the roofs differing openings creates a varied range of spaces.
Throughout the bulding the children will find differing tactile, acoustic and visual stimulations. Be it different materials or spacial situations.
The general structure of the design treats outdoor space the same as indoor space. Spacious connected areas segue on its margins into linger or retreat alcoves and special designed group areas.
Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten
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