Loisium Hotel

Loisium Hotel
Architect: Steven Holl
Coauthor: Sam/Ott-Reinisch
Address: Loisium Allee 2, Langenlois, Austria
Investor:LLL Beteiligungsverwaltung GmbH
Completion:2004 - 11.11.2005
Area:7000 m2

On the edge of the picturesque town of Langenlois, one hour west of Vienna, a new wine center and visitors’ facility was built on a gently south-sloping vineyard to celebrate the rich local heritage of a magnificent wine vault system. This historic subterranean network, which includes 900 year old stone passages, underlies the urban plan of the town. The north-south axis of the network echoes that of the Baroque houses above and suggests the existence of a second town below that which is visible.
The project is composed of three parts: the existing vaults, which were made accessible to visitors, the Wine Center, and the Loisium Hotel Wine and Spa Resort. The vault system’s geometry is transformed into an abstract three dimensional spatial language. This language forms the basis of the architecture of the Wine Center and Hotel, wherein each project element is derived from and related to the unique spaces of the vaults, while simultaneously having individual qualities of space, materials, light and experience.
The three elements of the project stand in relation to a geometric field of vineyards, the landscape of wine production:

1. Under the ground Existing Vaults
2. In the ground Wine Center and Ramp Connection
3. Over the ground Loisium Hotel Wine and Spa Resort

The Hotel Spa Resort

Like the grid of the city, the geometric spacing of the vineyard rows is continuous through the landscape connecting the three elements. The 53x53m square plan is aligned with the strict geometry of the surrounding vineyard rows. Offering a variety of activities and room types, the Loisium Hotel Wine and Spa Resort offers guests and visitors a variety of experiences. Earth-like materials and palette combined with the views of the surrounding landscape create a strong connection and relationship of the hotel to its context.
Public functions including the lobby, a wine themed restaurant, bar, cigar lounge, conference and meeting facilities, and wellness and spa area are located on the ground floor with views open to the surrounding vineyard.
An inviting courtyard and terrace provides outdoor seating. 82 guest rooms are located in two upper floors. While the ground floor is transparent and open, the upper floors are more private.
Steven Holl Architects
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