Zenith Music Hall

Zenith Music Hall
Address: 1, allée du Zénith, Strasbourg, France
Investor:město Štrasburk
Area:14000 m2

By its playful form and character, the Zenith music hall contributes to the great Varietee Theaters which were built since the Zenith building in Paris was erected in 1984. The new Zenith building is an important project for the exhibition area in Strasbourg. It will be the new attraction which will give impulses to the future development of the city’s infrastructure.
The concept of the design is based on a modular and a well balanced organization of the different elements: good views for all spectators, best acoustics and an optimized cost management already addressed during the concept phase of the design. The building is to be understood as a single, unifying and autonomous sculpture. By layering and rotating the ellipsoid metal façade structure, the design receives a very dynamic character. This is underlined with the translucent textile membrane, which covers the steel-frame and creates magnificent light effects. These orange membranes also cover the volume of the music hall itself. This is the heart of the building: a totally enclosed and protected space, which creates a special theatre atmosphere. Projections on the outer skin create playful effects and convert the façade into a huge billboard. The inner experience is transmitted to the outside thought out the transparent skin: the whole building becomes a ‘light sculpture’.
Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto
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